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Dear Friends, Supporters and Prayer Warriors,

Here are some of the first pictures from our incredible journey to

We are preparing a more in-depth report of all that happened and
will publish it as soon as we can. In the meantime, we wanted to sincerely
thank you for your support and for your fervent prayers throughout the last
several weeks. We truly felt the supernatural power of God sustaining us as
we were blazing through Northern Mozambique and Malawi.

Thankfully, after many challenges and by God's overcoming power,
1000 chickens were safely delivered to each of the two villages where we
were holding the crusades (2000 chickens total). We were able to feed every
hungry belly. The Lord's grace enabled us to pour His love out to over 500
pastors from the northern regions of Mozambique, and then to thousands upon
thousands of people in Malawi. (All in all we counted about 5000 hungry
hearts!) The people in these villages have suffered through years of famine
and devastating floods. Some of the people came because they were
Christians and wanted to be a part of this conference. Some of the people
came because they could smell the food cooking. Many walked for days just
to come to our meetings.

We also had the privilege of teaching at one of Heidi and Rollands'
three Bible Schools. Winnie and I poured into these student pastors for two
solid days. The student pastors really connected with us and it was a
wonderful time. The school is a power house, and these three Bible Schools
are the breeding grounds for future revival and church plantings in Africa.

We still need some time to recover from jet lag and process all that
took place. Needless to say, we are still extremely overwhelmed with all
that happened and all that we saw. In the next several weeks, we will be
able to find the right words to describe what it was like to be able to
provide a few chicken and rice meals to destitute multitudes. Perhaps the
faces in these pictures will be able to tell some of the story, and display
some of the gratitude that we feel for your prayers and financial support.
Thank you for being Jesus' loving hands extended to this seemingly forgotten
part of the world, and for enabling us to carry this mission through.

Yours in Christ,
Georgian and Winnie Banov

[+] Macuba, Mozambique

[+] Bongoula, Malawai

[+] Pemba

[+] Weddings


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